Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Can we pretend children....

Dave The BoogieMan * Power Pop Plus
"Radio Malarkey "

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NewYork, USA
POWR POP RADIO via Internet
11L Radio NewYork International via the Internet in association with JohnLightning.com

Eric Carmen with Dave The BoogieMan at
a Raspberries concert in NYC....
Can you pretend children?........Let’s pretend we have a real radio show! Or let’s pretend we’re a major podcast which has something beginning with L, yes that’s right, “Listeners”........
Friends on Sunday nights, if you find yourself with some free time please tune to the11L - Radio NewYork International for a rotating schedule of fine shows....

The John Lightning Show - Radio Extravagonzo
Big Steve Cole A Different Kind Of Oldies Show
Dave The BoogieMan Power Pop Plus....

To hear show on broadcast days only (Sundays @7:30pm)
& 24 hour Encore Presentations for 5 days after show - http://johnlightning.com/

Past Shows - Past shows can now be downloaded, burned to CD's or your IPod from this link - http://johnlightning.com/firesale

For show info or to submit music for the show
I can be reached at NewYorkNine@aol.com

I love to play listeners music...it better be good!

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