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SORROWS - Reunion video 2009

               SORROWS reunion video 2009  Can't Go Back  - view

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sorrows - 80's power pop returns

Sorrows - The 80's power pop band returns

SORROWS on 11L Radio New York International

SORROWS are back, be happy!!
The band that  "Shoulda, Coulda but Did'nt"  ...returns...

The 80's power pop band SORROWS with Arthur Alexander, Joey Cola, Rick Street and Jett Harris are coming back...
This Sunday night 12/6/09 an interview with Arthur Alexander will spotlight the music from SORROWS and the POPPEES a BOMP RECORDS artist (pre Sorrows). 

Sunday December 6th:
7:30pm - Dave The BoogieMan Pre-show (Kevin McGowan)
8-11pm - Dave The BoogieMan with guests  - Arthur Alexander (8-10pm)
                                                                       Eppy Epstein (10-11)

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Arthur Alexander from the 80's power pop band's - POPPEES (BOMP Records recording artist) Jealousy, Love of The Loved -

SORROWS - Teenage Heartbreak, I Don't Like It Like That, Cryin' Time, Let Me Know

Eppie Epstein - My Fathers Place - My Fathers Place - live vintage concerts FREE - WLIR-FM

Latest news: Both albums should be reissued this year 2010 according to

The Poppees released 2 singles for Bomp Records and then split up into two groups, giving way to the Boyfriends and Sorrows. The Sorrows recorded 2 albums, the first one was the excellent "Teenage Heartbreak" the second one was the almost as excellent "Love Too Late", and both albums contained on the whole enough hooks and melodies that could justify a 2-LPs-on-1-CD reissue, that qualifies as one the Top 50 essential US powerpop records. Here are both Sorrows LP's.

They injected the Mersey beat and all the pop legacy that came of it to the same treatment that the Beatles themselves applied to that Shirelles, Tamla or Larry Williams’ repertoire, a treatment weighed down by a more pronounced binary beat and the electricity of guitars, but also influenced by the contemporary New York scene. From its jangly intro to its conquering final, the wonderful « Can't Go Back » is a sort of girl-group song ‘80s-revisited (picture a featherweight-class Cheap Trick). It’s great pop, and purely and simply a great moment of r’n’r. The swinging « All You Gotta Say » is reminiscent of the former Poppees, typical Beatpop bursting with echoed guitars. « Can't You Tell A Lie » is one of the best, reminding me that they
were contemporary of The Nerves. Listening to « Lonely Girl » or even « I Don't Like It Like That », it seems clear that the Sorrows tried to bring in pop elements into the sound of the second great rock'n'roll era (that yielded the Dolls, Groovies, MC5, Ducks Deluxe etc)... Another highlight is Joey Cola's « I Want You Tonight », an underrated genuine powerpop classic.

As the liner notes said, “it’s hard to believe this guy never composed or sung before the Sorrows”. Finally, this was the time for the urban folk-rocker « She comes and goes » that cornered sharply pop, as if the Ramones backed Jackie DeShannon ... or Ellie Greenwich, who actually appeared as guest star on background vocals...

They fetched Shel Talmy (producer of the Kinks, Who and Easybeats) for their second LP « Love Too Late ». Although I admit that he didn’t bring anything special to the recordings (but an inevitable cover of « Tired Of Waiting For You »), his trademark can be heard in « Christabelle », a nicely crafted piece of powerpop, sounding like the Raspberries doing the Easybeats. Joey Cola again brought a couple of songs : the playful « Love Too Late » with its organ riff, handclaps and an easy chorus that worked fine, as well as a memorable Rubinoos-flavored slice of great pop « Rita », showing that they lived in the ‘80s. Although the songwriting was less satisfying creatively, there are on this LP enough pretty good songs that could smooth out imperfections on the first (if two was one as I would say). Like « It’s Not Love Anymore », the solid pop tune « Breaking My Heart (Over You) » or « So Much In Love » with a verse of pure Sorrows and a chorus more in a R&B vein. Thanx to Pierre G. for his help about the Sorrows notes.

Teenage Heartbreak album
Teenage Heartbreak / I Don't Like It Like That / Bad Times / I Want You Tonight / Lonely Girl / She Comes And Goes / Can't Go Back / All You Gotta Say / I Want You So Bad / Can't Tell You A Lie / Second Chance / Television

Love Too Late album
Christabelle / Love Too Late / Cryin' Time / Rita / Breakin' My Heart Over (You) / Tired Of Waiting / So Much Love / What I Used To Know / Play This Song (On The Radio) / It's Not Love Anymore


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7:30pm - Dave The BoogieMan Pre-show

Show 56 (hour 1)
Airdate December 6th, 2009 - 8pm – 11L - Radio New York International
Dave The BoogieMan @ the board
Arthur Alexander from 80’s power pop bands SORROWS & POPPEES
Peter & The Penguins
Sinceros (Mark Kjeldsen)
Jana Peri - new sing "I Hate The Holidays" (but live spending them with you)

Show 57 (hour 2)
Airdate December 6th 2009 - 9pm – Radio New York International
Dave The BoogieMan @ the board
Arthur Alexander from the 80’s power pop band Sorrows & POPPEES
SORROWS - rare stuff
The Jayhawks
The Beatles
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Show 58 (hour 3)
Airdate December 6th, 2009 - 10pm – Radio New York International
Dave The BoogieMan @ the board
Eppy Epstein - - returns as guest in special pre-Thanksgiving show (with red wine)
The Who
Roebucks (from NYC)
The Sinceros
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