Monday, October 5, 2009

20/ 20 - Cherie - One great lost power pop bands & songs - They should be stars. Well, they have hit records on 11L - Radio NewYork International

20/20 Cherie - WATCH VIDEO LINK - One of the great lost power pop bands..

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Genres Rock, new wave, power pop
Years active c.1975–1983, 1995–2005
Labels Bomp!, Portrait, Oglio
Steve Allen (not the old talk show host), Ron Flynt, Mike Gallo, Chris Silagyi

20/20 were an American power pop band from Tulsa, Oklahoma. They were active from 1975 to 1983 and reunited during the mid 1990's to the late 1990's. Steve Allen and Ron Flynt formed the band in Tulsa in 1975 or 1976, and decided to move to Los Angeles in 1977 after fellow Tulsa natives Phil Seymour and Dwight Twilley met with success. Once in Los Angeles, they met with Mike Gallo, who joined the band on drums. The three-piece band signed with Greg Shaw's Bomp! Records in 1978 to record a single. Between the release of the single, and their first LP on Portrait Records, Chris Silagyi joined the band as a keyboardist.

After not having success, and in fact owing money to record labels from advances, the band broke up. Steve Allen went to work for Warner Brothers records and moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Ron Flynt moved back to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Chris Silagyi became a record producer. Joel Turrisi became an actor and works in other areas of film & music.

1979 20/20 138 Portrait Records
1981 Look Out! 127
1982 Sex Trap — Mainway Records
1983 Sex Trap — Enigma Records Enigma records picked-up the album for wider distribution, but "Sex   
         Trap" and "Fast Car" were remixed, and "Please Please (Listen To Me)" was replaced by a track 
         entitled "Jack's Got a Problem."
1995 20/20/Look Out! — Oglio Records First two LP's, 20/20 and Look Out! remastered and released
                                          on   one CD.
1995 4 Day Tornado — Oglio Records
1998 Interstate —
1999 Sex Trap — Japanese release Includes bonus track, "Best of Your Life."

1978: "Giving It All" b/w "Under the Freeway" (Bomp! Records)
1979: "Cheri" b/w "Backyard guys" (Portrait Records)
1981: "Strange Side of Love" b/w "People in Your Life"/"Child's Play"
          Tracks on compilations
1978: "Giving It All" The Best of Bomp Volume One (Bomp! Records)
1979: "I Need Someone", "Drive" Waves Anthology Vol.1 (Bomp! Records)
1993: "Song of the Universe" Yellow Pills Volume One (Big Deal Records)
1993: "Giving It All", "Yellow Pills" Shake It Up! – American Power Pop II (1978-80) (Rhino Records)
1995: "Remember the Lightning" Into the Anxious 80's (Risky Business)
1996: "Drive", "Screaming", "Under the Freeway" The Roots of Powerpop (Bomp! Records)
1997: "Day After Day" Come and Get It: A Tribute to Badfinger (Copper Records)
2009-10 A new CD of rare studio outakes and unreleased material is due out.....


  1. Do you know where to find the 'Jack's Got a Problem" video? So far I've not found it anywhere!

  2. somewhere in Texas a CD was released of bands covering Ron Flynt songs true or not that i to be found.