Saturday, September 19, 2009

Power Pop Radio host Dave The BoogieMan

Hi All,

This is the intro blog....

My name is Dave The BoogieMan
I host a Power Pop Plus Radio Show out of Brooklyn, New York.
I enjoy sharing power pop music from today and going back through time.
From the 2000's to the 1940's yes, power pop existed in the 40's...

My radio show is part of the rotation on the 11L - Radio New York International network.
All shows are braodcast on Sunday nights at 7:30pm, NYC , East Coast time...

I hope that you can tune in or submit music for my power pop radio show..

Other fine shows being broadcast on a rotating schedule on Sunday Nights are:

The John Lightning Radio Extravaganzo Show - Talk, Music, Comedy and a little bit of
everything. John Lightning hosts and takes you on a journey of life, politics and music with an
offbeat twist......John has broadcast radio for over 25 years. He created the legendery
WJPL-FM Brooklyn's best pirate broadcasts until the FCC realized that his ratings
were going throu the roof with radio starved listeners. He also worked on
WHVW-AM in the The Hudson Valley, New York doing a real country
radio show. Most recently John worked on WBCQ a short wave outpost from
Monticello Maine with a worldwide audience.

Big Steve Cole - A Different Type of Oldies Show - DooWop and its roots plus a bit of soul.
Big Steve has worked recently on WBCQ shortwave with a world wide
following. Steve is a master at radio production who helped produce the
Dave The BoogieMan first few radio shows...

Dave The BoogieMan * Power Pop PlusMy radio show is dedicated to providing you with the "one tune" that will hopefully inspire you to explore this timeless music genre.

Past Shows - Past shows can now be downloaded, burned to CD's or your IPod from this link -

To hear show on broadcast days only & Encore Presentations for 5 days after show -"

Life's too short to listen to bad power pop music" "Great radio that no one hears anymore" trademark* - Dave

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NewYork, USA POWR POP RADIO via Internet Radio Radio NewYork International via the Internet & The 11L Network in association with

================================================================= Greg Shaw wrote in the Powerpop special issue of Bomp Magazine : "Any way you look at it, Powerpop began with the Who (...and the Easybeats...). Their approach to songwriting was solidly pop - every song was short, catchy, hook-filled, built on bright, uplifting major chords, and they never shied away from those all-important "la la la's". Dave's Links...waste your time wisely with these blogs...........

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Show info link for all of the GREAT RNI programs including: The John Lightning Extravagonzo Radio ShowBig Steve Cole A Diffrent Type of Oldes Show Dave The BoogieMan - Power Pop Plus


  1. I have posted some recent shows for
    Dave The BoogieMan

    The Denis Diken with Bell sound Pre-show. New CD Premiere

    Show 43 – The 81 minutes Stand Alone Show
    Airdate August 23, 10:45pm – Radio New York International
    Dave The BoogieMan @ the board
    Elvis Presley – The Devil In Disguise (remix)
    Garland Jeffries – 96 Tears
    Anderson Council – The Coke Jingle
    Starbelly - Everyday
    Kenny Howes – Thought You’d Never Go
    Marmalade Souls – It Would Be Too Long
    Denis Diken with Bell Sound – Let Your Loved One Sleep
    Denis Diken with Bell Sound – I’ve Been Away
    Denis Diken with Bell Sound – The Suns Gonna Shine In The Morning
    John Lennon - WMCA Jingle
    The Beatles – The Night Before
    Mae West – Daytripper
    4 Wheels radio spot
    The Boys Next Door – Wastin’ My Time
    Blank Stares – Vera, The Ghost
    Shake – She’s My Girl
    The Lolas – 99th Floor
    Aron Sharcross – I Used To Be Me
    Blake Babies – Temptation Eyes
    The Lolas – We’re Having a Party
    Jerry Lewis – The Show Is Over (JL Ending theme)
    Bert Kampfert – Swinging Safari

    The Sponguetones - PreShow – Sherman
    Show 44
    Airdate August 13th 8pm – Radio New York International
    Dave The BoogieMan @ the board Sherman Guest
    The Cover Show……
    Paul Revere & The Raiders – Satisfaction (Stones)
    The Knack – No Matter What (Badfinger)
    Walter Clevenger - A Little Bit Of Soul (Syndicate Of Sound)
    The Wondermints -_ Touch Me (Doors)
    Jason Faulkner – Pretty Ballerena (Left Bank)
    Todd Rundgren – Good Vibrations (Beach Boys)
    Herman’s Hermits – Museum (Donovan)
    The Ventures – Jumpin Jack Flash (Stones)
    Joe Jackson – The Harder They Come (Jimmy Cliff)
    Denis Diken with Bell Sound – Let Your Loved One Sleep
    Moon Martin - Rolene
    Retro Burrell – Back Home
    Anderson Council - Sitting On A Cloud
    The Searchers – Sweets For My Sweet (alternate version)
    Stephen Lawrenson – Hey
    Starbelly – Already (unreleased)
    Receiver - Goody Goody Gum Drops (1910 Fruit Gum Company)

    Show 45
    Airdate 9pm – Radio New York International
    Dave The BoogieMan @ the board – Sherman guest
    The Sponguetones – Not So
    Barry & the Tamerlanes – I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight
    Ron Argent & Chris White - She Loves The Way They Love Her
    Paul Revere & The Raiders – Just Like Me (alternate version)
    Johnny Lives – Love Conspiracy
    John Brodeur - Make A Change
    Crayons – Not Beautiful
    Les Paul Trio – Guitar Boogie
    Anderson Council – Coke Song
    The Late Show – Take A Chance
    The Californas – Break My Heart
    ….baseball scores – Mad Daddy – WINS
    Denis Diken with Bell Sound – The Sun’s Gonna Shine In The Morn
    The Lola’s – Good Morning, Good Morning (Beatles)
    The Wellingtons – Undone
    Flo & Eddie – Let Me Make Love To You
    The Harbingers - Come Into My World
    The Vinyl Kings – I Took A Chance

    Show 46
    Airdate 10pm – Radio New York International
    Dave The BoogieMan @ the board
    The Listeners Submission Show
    Buddy Love – Master Of Illusion Mastered
    Buddy Love – Where Do We Go From Here
    Brenden Benson - Cold Hands (Warm Heart)
    Tinker Jack – Stranger
    Laughing Dogs – Get Um Out Of Town
    Fabulous Poodles – Mirror Star
    20/20 – Under The Freeway
    Josh Clayton- Felt – Building Atlantis
    The Well Wishers – I Don’t Know
    The Well Wishers – Hero’s
    Secret Powers – Awfully Nice
    Cheap Star – For Saving Grace
    Alexander Khodchenko – Happy New Year
    The Flaming Gnomes – Care of Cell 44
    John Keely – Midnight
    Bert Kampfert – Swinging Safari

  2. Hey Dave,

    You're an oasis in a POP dessert! Keep Rockin!

    Buddy Love